Daniel Robinson

Research Fellow

Daniel Robinson has a background in human geography, environmental science and environmental law. Daniel has a strong interest in indigenous and traditional knowledge for conservation and cultural maintenance, and has worked closely with local communities, particularly in Thailand, to understand the customary frameworks and ‘knowledge domains that help protect and sustain their knowledge.

Daniel also has an interest in the environmental and social implications of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade rules, particularly for the developing world.

Daniel’s PhD was on biodiversity-related traditional knowledge in Thailand: Intellectual property relations and geographies of knowledge regulation. From this research, he has developed a strong interest in issues related to bioprospecting and “biopiracy”, and the need to protect the intellectual contributions of farmers and local communities.

On these issues, Daniel has acted as a researcher and consultant for the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Pacific Forum Secretariat, and the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.

Prior to gaining his PhD he worked in a range of positions including environmental consulting (environmental assessment and contaminated land, air and water), as a natural resources officer for Sydney Water, and as a research intern for Sutherland Council looking at housing sustainability indices.

Bridges news

17 Noviembre 2014
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